Paul e. Pierce

My Core Approach

is to help clients recognize what they already do well; and then coach them to build on this positive foundation to create desired futures for themselves, their teams and their organizations.

My experience includes many years of working with people at all levels in public agencies, education, private businesses and nonprofit organizations.

My approach to teaching and group/team development is highly interactive, incorporates graphic facilitation, appreciative inquiry and a healthy dose of humor to make things happen. 

Participants in my workshops learn together in an environment that enhances productivity and innovative thinking.  

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I am Darrow’s Dad, and Patience’s Husband.  We have two cats and two dogs.  At times I have done farm work, washed dishes, built things, and sold stuff. I’ve been a teacher of both young and old people; been a city planner and county planning commissioner; supervised, managed and led people; worked as a leader on both sides of labor -management; negotiated contracts, facilitated small and large group processes; and baked great bread.

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